Jumper1 Orchidea Xtra Hard

From 110 up to 220 kg / From 242 up to 485 lb
Side View Aerower Orchidea Black and pink boot.
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Boot Size
Aerower Jumper1 Orchidea Black and pink Boot
Front View - Aerower Jumper1  Orchidea Black and pink Boot
Single Aerower Orchidea Black and Pink boot.


Jumper1 Orchidea, the rebound shoe that adapts not only to your weight and foot size, but also with your athletic condition, because you can configure your boots size with the arcs´hardness, depending on your fitness needs.

To facilitate adaptation to different foot sizes, our boots are available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and each one covers the different sizes from UK 2 to 10.

Besides that, we offer four models with different levels of hardness for you to fully enjoy the feeling of bounce:

  • S (Soft)
  • L (Light)
  • H (Hard) 
  • XH (Extra Hard) - This Product is the Extra Hard version - From 110 up to 220 kg / From 242 up to 485 lb


 With your purchase of Jumper1, you will receive 2 boxes with the unmounted boots (one with the boots themselves and another one with the Rebound System). Inside the big one will be the following components:

  • 4 arcs with the hardness selected.
  • 2 multi-bands.
  • 2 soles.
  • 2 bumpers.
  • 1 Allen Key.
  • 4 Screws.
  • User Guide.

The user guide will assist in configuring your new Jumper1, with the best options for you, such as cutting the multi-bands to suit your jump style and needs. You can also consult the Strength Customization and Sizes Chart in this pdf - Strength Customisation. If you need any further information please do feel free to contact us.


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