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Our 45-minute classes are suitable for all ages, shapes & sizes. JumpFit uses High Intensity Interval Training to maximise fat-burning whilst the boots act as a resistance tool, strengthening leg muscles and engaging the core. Every muscle in the body is used when rebounding and injuries are prevented as the boots reduce the shock to the ankles, shins, knees, hips and spine. A LOT of calories are burned and you will leave the class buzzing, due to the fast release of endorphins!

Class Information

We run loads of JumpFit classes through the week, across BRISTOL and SOUTH LONDON areas. Check out our Current Classes and Book a Class section to see a list and an interactive map of upcoming sessions.

Find out more about MoveGB's membership scheme and using it to attend JumpFit classesPrices for JumpFit classes start from £6.50 and include the use of a set of our special rebound jumping boots. We do provide a small reduction in price if you are bringing your own boots.

We also welcome MoveGB members to our classes. If you are a MoveGB member please ensure you tick the appropriate membership box and provide your postcode when booking so we can validate your attendance with them.

We have a range of boot sizes for each class. You can determine which size is best for you using our handy table here. When booking your class make sure you select your correct boot size to reserve it for your attendance.

Don't forget to fill out your consent form before booking a class.

Once booked and you are coming along to a class, we recommend you;

  • wear light exercise clothing that's going to get sweaty,
  • bring along long socks for wearing in the boots
  • and bring water to help keep hydrated during the class
  • inform the instructor of any medical conditions or injuries before you jump.

If we can help further in anyway, please do get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your Size Rebound Boot Size
12.5 - 2.5 Extra Small
3 - 5  Small
6 - 8  Medium/Medium+
9 - 11 Large
12 - 14  Extra Large



What our JumpFitters say...

  • Just finished our 4th session it is hard work but fantastic class and so much fun! Myself and Lisa have enjoyed it so much.
    Quote sad tonight though as Klara will no longer be our instructor - we think you are awesome, really make it great fun, your so high energy and keep us going when the exercises get tough!
    Thank you for making our introduction to JumpFit a great one! We will miss you!


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