Boots & Benefits

A row of specialist JumpFit exercise Boots, all black but with various colour points

These boots were made for bouncing!

There are many different rebound boots out there now but these are the styles we currently use.

There are a ton of benefits to jumping on these boots, the first being that the boots reduce impact up to 80% off of knees, ankles, shins, hips, lower back and spine.

It is more than twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees

Pink JumpFit bootsIt’s a whole body exercise that improves muscle tone throughout the body

It gradually improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned for hours after exercise

  • It helps improve the effects of other exercise
  • It improves balance, coordination and endurance

It helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy.

Black JumpFit BootsIt has been shown to benefit body alignment and posture.

It allows for deeper and easier relaxation and sleep.

The list is endless…we all love it because IT’S THE MOST FUN EXERCISE EVER! #FACT


At JumpFit we believe that exercise should be fun and never a chore. Our classes are welcoming and friendly to all.

WARNING : JumpFit is highly addictive