• Jump In

    Our 45-minute classes are suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. Jumpfit uses High Intensity Interval Training to maximise fat- burning whilst the boots act as a resistance tool, strengthening leg muscles and engaging the core.
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  • Boots & Benefits

    These boots were made for bouncing!
    There are many different rebound boots out there now but these are the styles we currently use.
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This is FUN! This is an exercise class involving bouncing on rebound boots, to mood-boosting music. It reduces body fat, tones your body, increases your agility, strengthens your muscles, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, rejuvenates you when you are tired, but best of all, it makes you smile! It's a fact that rebounding induces an immediate state of euphoria. In fact, rebounding is "the most efficient and effective exercise known to man". (NASA)