Meet JumpFit Instructor, Carly

Jumpfit instructor


Codename: Tigger


Carly joined the JumpFit team this year, and the chance to teach classes has been her dream for about four years now!


Moving to Bristol last year gave Carly the chance to leave the big city rat race and swap careers – she started training to join Team JumpFit a week after she qualified to teach. Our favourite pastime on the team is seeing what part of the routine Carly forgets and then seamlessly bounces her way through each week – her favourite line is “just keep bouncing and flap your arms about!”


Here’s what Carly had to tell us about her experiences on Team JumpFit so far…


How long have you been a JumpFitter?

“I first put a pair of boots back in 2013 at a different class when I lived in London. Fast-forward four years and I was thoroughly out of practice when I went to my first JumpFit class here in Bristol. I was trying the class out to think about joining the team as an instructor.”


What did you think when you first put on your boots?

Like a lot of people as soon as I put the boots on and started running across the room I had a massive smile on my face and couldn’t control my laughter! You can’t help yourself, you just feel so tall and happy! As soon as we started the first routine, I felt like I was in the film ‘Avatar’ and knew it was the right decision to try and become an instructor!”


What made you decide to teach?

“I found health and fitness when I turned 29, and my hobby turned into a career when I arrived in Bristol in 2016 and did my level 2 instructor training. About a week after I qualified, I saw Abbey asking if anyone in Bristol was interested in becoming an instructor. I emailed her to say “ME PLEASE!” before I had chance to talk myself out of it!”


What is your favourite song to teach and why?

“I LOVE “Bounce”. It’s 6 minutes long and half way through my legs feel like they’re going to fall off, but the feeling when you finish it and high five each other is brilliant! It’s like you’ve all passed some sort of endurance test!”


Any embarrassing stories involving your boots/jumping?

“I remember how much I need to work on my pelvic floor muscles EVERY time I teach… that’s probably all I should say on that matter!”


What tips have you got for a new JumpFitter?

“Just keep moving! It’s tempting to look at everyone else and put yourself in all sorts of positions that might not be easy to master at your first class… try to resist the urge to compare, and just concentrate on YOU! No one is looking at you, they’re too busy trying to stay upright themselves!


As long as you’re giving it a go and trying, that is good enough for me. And within a few weeks you’ll be high-kicking along with everyone!”


If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be?

“I would say bouncing but I already feel like the boots give me that superpower. I would love to be able to pause time. It would help me catch up with the day because I feel like I’m going at 150mph at the moment. Actually, it would also be quite good fun to pause the class, mid-air, haha!”


What’s your favourite sandwich filling?!

“I’m not too fussy, as long as it’s so full I can’t fit it in my mouth and need a stick to hold it all together.”


Where and when can we catch you on the JumpFit Circuit?!

“Wednesdays, 6pm at Filton Community Centre and 7.30pm at UWE, Frenchay for now.

Maybe you’ll find me at other venues next year…