Meet JumpFit founder, Abbey

Codename: The Boss

JumpFit Founder - AbbeyWe love getting to know you – our JumpFitters – those of you who have been jumping with us since the beginning, and those of you who are putting on your boots for the very first time!

Seeing as we share so much sweat and laughter each week, we decided it’s time you learned a little bit more about Team JumpFit – those of us behind the scenes and those of us who lead you through the bounce n boogie every week. Today we’re starting with Abbey!

Abbey, aka The Boss is the reason that JumpFit exists! Abbey claims she was tricked into becoming a JumpFit instructor in Holland (we’ve heard a lot of stories from people who’ve visited Holland but this surely has to be a first?!). She hasn’t looked back.

Abbey coordinates instructors, JumpFitters and has been working on a new franchise enterprise for JumpFit over the past few months. She even finds the energy to pop along to the odd class every week too!

Here’s what Abbey told us about herself when we got a few minutes with her….

How long have you been a JumpFitter?

“I first encountered the boots in March 2013. They have been in my thoughts every day since.”

What did you think when you first put on your boots?

“Why did I just fly to Holland to put these boots on?

What am I doing here?

I think I like what is happening…?!”

What made you decide to set up JumpFit?

“I always find it frustrating when people say, ‘I hate exercise.’ I used to be that person until I found something that I liked.

Exercise is not just one thing, it’s about finding something that you like, enjoying yourself, feeling good when moving your body. I started to enjoy myself when I found spinning, then I started to enjoy more variety in exercise; Zumba, Pilates, kettlebells, pump.

I saw what happened when people put the (jumping) boots on. They smile, they laugh, they have a good time and they want to do it again. I wondered, ‘Why is this not happening in the UK? Why have I never seen these boots there? ‘ I need to do something about this.”

What is your favourite song to jump to, and why?

“Club can’t handle me – it’s great choreography, it excites you, it’s hard but the music pushes you through, by the end you feel drunk on endorphins.

And of course, ‘Bang, bang’, it’s a JumpFit classic. It kills you but you are all in it together. It’s a Katie Griffiths original. I remember doing it at the first class.”

Any embarrassing stories involving your boots/jumping?

“Only that my Dutch friend had booked me onto a two day instructors course without telling me. I had put the boots on for the first time the night before.

Everyone else there was a hardcore fitness instructor, I thought I was fit but I had to take the boots off after the warm up and die a little.”

What tips have you got for a new JumpFitter?

“The first class is hard but you get stronger and realise that it’s the most fun you’ve ever had, and you won’t be able to stop now.

Come back for more. You know you want to.”

If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be?

“Definitely flying. Jumping feels like flying. It’s the feeling of freedom. It makes you forget your troubles.”

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?!

“Tuna mayo and salad on granary bread. Is that boring? I don’t care. It has to be made by somebody else. Sandwiches are rubbish when you make them yourself.”

Where and when can we boogie along with you at JumpFit class?

“You will find me occasionally in Filton, Kingswood, Oldland common, St George… I try to get to all of my instructors classes but I am a mum and that comes first. Even before jumping  :)”