Meet JumpFit Instructor, Amanda


Codename: Pocket Rocket

 When Amanda heard the Jumpfit team was expanding earlier in 2017, she jumped (groan) at the chance to train up and start teaching. Amanda had been coming along to Jumpfit classes for over a year… although making the leap (sorry, sorry) from class-goer to instructor pushed Amanda out of her comfort zone, she hasn’t looked back!

Amanda would encourage anyone to face their fears and enjoy the brilliant stuff that happens when you do! At 45, Amanda is living proof that actually, no, you haven’t left it too late and yes, you can do whatever you want with a little bit of determination.

Here’s a little more about Amanda and her advice for less worrying and more doing what you want to do in life!

 How long have you been a JumpFitter?

“I’ve been an instructor for four months but first went along to classes early 2016.”

  What did you think when you first put on your boots?

“‘I am tall!’ This is what the world looks like for tall people.’ I felt a bit unstable at first but I soon got the hang of it. I realised my cardio fitness wasn’t as good as I thought, even though I was regularly running at the time however, the more I did, the easier it became and my cardio fitness improved so much. I did wonder if I would actually be able to stop when I ran around in them the first time! :)”

  What made you decide to teach?

“In 2015, at 43 years old, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to get fit and strong in order to take on middle age!  When Abbey said there was an opening for an instructor at the beginning of this year, I was really interested but scared that I wasn’t fit enough, as my fitness journey had started later in life.   Anyway, I made some enquiries about the Level 2 fitness instructor course and within 48 hours of the initial conversation I had enrolled. I did question my sanity throughout the whole thing. I was totally out of my comfort zone for most of it but it’s one of the best decisions I have made.”        

What is your favourite song to teach and why?

“Oh this question is so easy! Club Can’t Handle Me! It builds and builds and then when we do the ‘forward, back, side, middle tap’ I can hear the sound of everyone’s boots hitting the floor in time and it’s so motivating. Everyone loves it and really goes for it and I scream a lot! Even when we are all tired there is always a little reserve left for this routine in everyone!”          

Any embarrassing stories involving your boots/jumping?

“I did a comedy stumble at Bristol Fitness Gym when covering Katie’s class recently. Thankfully the owner of the gym, who had been filming that evening didn’t catch it on video lol.”

  What tips have you got for a new JumpFitter?

“Keep coming to class even when you think you don’t feel like it. The workout you miss is usually the one you really need.

 “And have fun with it! Don’t worry about keeping up with others. Do your best, keep moving, freestyle and just enjoy it. It’s your workout after all!”

 If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be?

“Obviously this would have to be jumping!”


What’s your favourite sandwich filling?!  

“I’m not huge fan of the sandwich however, I find it hard to say no to bacon, egg, tomato ketchup in a toasted bread.”


Where and when can we catch you on the JumpFit Circuit?!

 Monday 7.30pm @ Windmill Hill Community Centre

Friday 6.30pm @ The Armoury for Women in Brislington.